Structural Engineering

Our team of structural engineers have over 100 years of combined experience with backgrounds in residential, commercial, industrial, and telecommunications structural engineering. This experience provides a unique perspective in problem solving to get the job done.


Our team offers a plethora of services to help get the job done, and done right. Some of the projects we often work on are

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We Build World-class infrastructure With Our Clients

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Why Choose Us?

PM&A’s structural department has the extensive experience within its team of dedicated structural engineers required to address the many facets of structural engineering including: analysis, audit investigation, design, and retrofit of existing structures.

Our capabilities encompass a full range of services from analysis to design and preparation of modification drawings and specifications. We utilize current technology including the latest software to deliver both traditional and unique solutions. Our in-house, licensed engineers work with a dedicated staff throughout the analysis process to ensure outstanding quality.


Your Experience Matters

PM&A’s customer service and client-focused culture have become our hallmark of success. Fulfilling our clients’ needs is always the priority. Cost effective solutions and quick turnarounds are in our blood. Choose us for a world-class Client Experience.

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