Structural Engineering

Our team of structural engineers thrives on developing practical and economical solutions for architects, property managers, building owners, and contractors. Customer satisfaction, rapid response, and attention to detail are hallmarks of every project, big or small. Our team members aren’t your typical structural engineers; they like to be in the field assessing real world conditions, crawling under structures for critical measurements, and getting their hands dirty.

Structural Design

We provide traditional structural design services for ground up construction on retail/restaurant, commercial office, education, healthcare, and medical office facilities. Our engineering team delivers economical results ahead of schedule from design development through construction administration.

Adaptive Reuse

Our structural engineering team has the expertise to handle the unique aspects of modifying existing structural components, maintaining character, and forensic investigation that accompany adaptive reuse projects. We provide structural consulting services on projects as small as a single opening, to as large as multi-building renovation and expansion projects.

Load Evaluations

Can it hold that? We get that question a lot, which is why our structural engineers are available to assist architects, property managers, and contractors in all phases of planning, development, and construction when new loads are applied to a structure. Sometimes it’s as simple as a new rooftop unit (RTU) or additional layer of roofing, or as complicated as a large sign cantilevered from the building façade.

Forensics & Condition Assessments

We also know that not every structural problem is planned; sometimes a stray vehicle impacts your building or a large crack appears on the side of the building. Our team is built to provide fast response, especially in emergency situations, so that your building can continue to operate safely. Our engineers can also perform structural condition assessments to determine the health of an existing structure and provide opinions of probable costs for required repairs.

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Your Experience Matters

PM&A’s customer service and client-focused culture have become our hallmark of success. Fulfilling our clients’ needs is always the priority. Cost effective solutions and quick turnarounds are in our blood. Choose us for a world-class Client Experience.

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