Rooftop Safety Equipment

(Anchors and Davits)

PM&A is pleased to provide rooftop safety equipment consulting, design, load testing, inspection and installation services to ensure a safe working environment for your employees and vendors. OSHA regulations require that tie-back safety anchors be inspected annually, and load tested at 10-year intervals.


Our design team will meet with you and your exterior building maintenance vendors to determine your needs and develop drawings and specifications for a system in general compliance with OSHA regulations and the IWCA guidelines. Our custom designed tie-back safety anchors and structural reinforcement ensure employee safety with practical, economical solutions.

Testing and Inspections

We provide the fastest response to your request for load testing and inspections of your rooftop safety equipment to ensure that your exterior building maintenance vendors can stay on schedule. We provide annual visual inspections services as well as non-destructive load testing services at time of installation, at 10-year intervals, and after roof replacement per OSHA regulations.


PM&A installs rooftop safety equipment utilizing our experienced construction project managers and partnering specialty construction group. Our team’s experience working in occupied buildings allows us to install safety equipment on abbreviated schedules with minimal tenant disruption throughout the process. Our safety equipment is custom designed for your project by our structural engineers and manufactured by our local vendor partners.

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