Parking Structures

Parking garages are subjected to extreme atmospheric, thermal, and physical load requirements. Unlike typical building structural framing, all of the connections and members are generally unprotected from these natural forces. PM&A’s structural engineers will help you assess, restore, and repair your parking structure to prevent costly future repairs or hazardous conditions to building occupants.

Customer satisfaction, rapid response, and attention to detail are the primary goals of our structural engineering teams. PM&A’s engineers can perform detailed condition assessments of cast-in-place, prestressed, precast, and steel parking structures.

We will assist you in developing repair and restoration drawings, selecting and evaluating bidders, and providing quality assurance throughout construction.

We also know that not every structural problem is planned; sometimes a stray vehicle impacts your parking deck. Our team is built to provide fast response, especially in emergency situations, so that your parking structure and building can continue to operate safely.


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