Building Envelope

(Facades, Roofs, & Water Intrusion)

The building façade is composed of several building materials working together to provide energy efficiency and prevent water intrusion, all while maintaining a pleasant aesthetic. PM&A is experienced in the assessment and repair design of waterproofing systems, façade components and roof systems. PM&A’s expertise and rapid response to water intrusion and structural issues forge a positive relationship with our clients and affected building tenants.

Our engineers are available to assess the building facade via controlled rope descent, suspended scaffolding, lifts, ladders, or whatever means are necessary. PM&A will provide a report outlining the current condition, recommended repairs, and approximate anticipated costs to maintain the façade system long term. PM&A’s team of engineers can assist you in your façade restoration or roof replacement project by developing plans and specifications. We will work with you to prequalify bidders and evaluate proposals. We are also available to provide construction observations throughout the repair or replacement to ensure that the project is executed and constructed successfully.


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